Five Superior Spa Experiences to Drive to in Southern California

by bhcareental on Aug 08, 2022

A finely tuned, endlessly beautiful Bentley Continental GTC or Ferrari F8 Spider from Beverly Hills Car Rental has just been delivered to your door for the day.

Before a night of caviar bumps, immense lobsters, and infinite Champagne with your date, you intend to treat yourself to a day of opulent pampering that ensures you will be turning as many heads on Rodeo Boulevard as your new luxury car does.

What you require is a leisurely day of wellness. An afternoon dedicated to repose and relaxation, in which well-qualified professionals knead your muscles, polish your skin, and stimulate your senses until you’re transformed into a whole new you.

We’ve charted out a path to the city’s best spas and their most sought-after treatments, so you can steer your exotic new car (or better yet, get chauffeured) to a series of extravagant appointments that are dedicated to heaping lavish attention upon you and your physical form.

All you need to do is to have our concierge book them, sit back, and enjoy the drive, which ends with an army of skilled specialists fawning over you.

The Destination: The Beverly Hills Hotel Spa, a gleaming and pristine pocket of paradise inside this landmark of Sunset Boulevard. The recently renovated, Alexandra Champalimaud-designed space has all the glamour you expect from this 110-year-old grand dame, including its iconic banana leaf wallpaper, a private check-in area free from paparazzi’s prying eyes, and a sumptuous guest lounge where the relaxation begins immediately.

The Must-Have Treatments: The 60-minute anniversary “Pink Palace” Manicure, which is only available until the end of 2022, will put those infamous banana leaves or another inspired motif from the hotel on your nail tips, providing a whimsical touch to your talons. If a Himalayan salt stone massage or aromatherapy massage doesn’t sound novel enough anymore, you can seek deeper relaxation from a Leef Wellness cannabidiol massage using a blend of CBD and herbal oils. Then there’s the Citrus Quench skin treatment, which shellacks your body in Vitamin-C, rosehip oil, and green tea, including a Vitamin C soufflé mask for your face, making your skin, and maybe even your soul, glow.

The Destination: It’s just a short drive to The Peninsula Spa at The Peninsula Beverly Hills, an endlessly awarded, marble-clad oasis set beside the legendary Santa Monica Boulevard palace’s rooftop garden, known for innovative skin-revitalizing treatments and the all-enveloping sense of Zen of its Serenity Lounge.

The Must-Have Treatments: OxyGeneo, a non-invasive, three-in-one treatment known as the “facial of the future,” which involves red light therapy, exfoliation, oxygenation, and ultrasound waves to make your skin look better than new. That is, if you can resist the temptation of a 24K Gold Facial, which uses gold leaf to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Massage aficionados, meanwhile, can combine Swedish with deep tissue and spots massages, submit to the Nirvana hot stone massage, or try the Thai Table Ceremony, which incorporates yoga-style stretching into the kneading of your weary, sportscar-commanding muscles.

The Destination: Four Seasons Doheny Spa, an enchanting garden-side spa that also offers poolside massage and manicures, along with lunch from its Cabana restaurant, when you can’t tear yourself away from the sun, swimming, and serenity.

The Must-Have Treatments: The MBR Liquid Surgery Facial is non-invasive, despite the name, deploying six in-demand treatments in one to make your skin shine like you’re readying for a speech at The Oscars. There’s also the Honey Dream, a rhythmic massage and exfoliation treatment using warm honey. What could be better than that? Easy: The Synchronized Massage, which involves two therapists working on your muscles, for up to 80 minutes at a time. After that, sure, go for the Aloe and Arnica Healing Body Wrap, which includes a scalp massage while you achieve deeper relaxation and silky skin in the cocoon of a replenishing wrap, with a finishing touch of vegan body butter.

The Destination: With all that horsepower, we can’t have you simply idling around Beverly Hills. Not when the Spa at Westlake Four Seasons awaits your arrival just 45 minutes north of Los Angeles (more like 30 with the car you’re driving). It’s a haven right off the 405, with private outdoor suites featuring their own plunge pools, free of Marco Polo games and screaming. In other words, kids are not allowed anywhere near you.

The Must-Have Treatments: A beauty and barbershop is on hand to serve you a drink with your cut, blowout, manicure, or makeup treatment, while the Tranquility Massage deploys light treatments designed to soothe you, and a Couple’s Massage makes sure your have company joining you in your deep tissue experience. Elsewhere, Reiki, Shiatsu, sports, and Thai are among the many massage options that guarantee you’ll find the right touch. And a Lavender Milk and Warm Honey Cocoon ending in a full-body massage sounds good enough to eat. Only, don’t.

The Destination: Sense, the beachside and mountain view spa at Rosewood Miramar Beach, in the Santa Barbara village of Montecito. Because what is the point of driving a uniquely beautiful vehicle if you can’t take it up the Pacific Coast Highway to a celebrity-laden jewel of the California coast? That’s a rhetorical question, to be clear.

The Must-Have Treatments: The Ocean Energizing Body Scrub utilizes Pacific Ocean salt crystals and mineral-packed algae to exfoliate, moisturize, and smooth your body in a relaxing procedure. A Sage Purification Ceremony is built to purify you, combined with a sage-pine-juniper body scrub and wrap, and a full-body massage with sage oil and warm stones. The skin-tightening Gua Sha Lifting Facial will make you draw stares of envy or attraction at dinner, while a CBD and Percussion Relief Massage will target and unwind the last tightly held muscles you have from any bumps on the road.

At which, point you may decide to ditch dinner back in L.A. and book a room. Which is totally, completely allowed, as far as we’re concerned.

Wherever you go and however you enjoy your day of treating and pampering yourself behind the wheel of a Beverly Hills Car Rental super mobile, we wish you a relaxing and revitalizing day with a lucky someone you’re fond of.